Monday, October 26, 2009

Meeting Nora

Changsha Day 2

Today I met Miss Binglaing. When we arrived at the Civil Affairs office she had already been crying since leaving the orphanage over an hour before. Her nanny wasn't able to come to meet us so an administrative person who Binglaing didn't know brought her to Changsha. That upset her so that by the time we showed up she was really cried out and just whimpered for hours.

I began holding her at about 10 am and finally saw a first smile at 12:45pm. She wasn't having anything to do with a nap so we walked down to the Friendship department store (don't let the name fool you it's very high end).

The girl needs a pair of shoes so we found two that we liked and that weren't too expensive.

She didn't much care for the shopping and started to really cry so we walked back and she fell asleep in my arms for about 30 minutes. After her little nap and a bottle she's doing much better and is sitting on the bed playing with toys and talking to me as I write this. She is quite chatty and will fit in very well with her big sister. By the way Isabel, Nora loves the photo album and points and stares at your picture.

Tomorrow we go back to Civil Affairs to finalize the adoption and we're going to some sort of baby store that should have formula etc...


  1. Well that is a smile worth waiting for! She is just precious, Margaret.

  2. What a happy moment it must have been, to see her smile. A great memory for you to hang on to for a life time. She is beautiful. We look forward to meeting her. You and little Nora are in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Hello from MPLS! We will be sure to get online tonight and share all of this news with Isabel. She excitedly showed us her photo album before bed last night! We hope you two are doing well getting to know each other! We are thinking about you and are saying special prayers!! Mel, Nanc, & Ivy (and one sweet little houseguest, Isabel!)

  4. Congratulations Margaret! She looks so beautiful! And those are some seriously cute shoes, too. Hope the rest of your trip goes well. I bet Isabel will be a wonderful big sister.
    ~Liz, Chris, Ellie & Stella

  5. Mom, I love my Mommy, I love my Mommy, and I love my baby Sister and I love my puppies, and I love Baily & Nick. "What do you think about seeing a picture of your sister? Isabel said "CUTE!". I hope they'll be back soon! Now that's it! That's it I said!! (above from Isabel).

    From the adults in the house.... You should know that when Isabel saw your picture, said "awwww" many times and touched the screen of the computer lovingly. Made us tear up! Isabel, of course was excited to see the new shoes. She had a good day at school and both girls are very tired. It's an early night to bed! Margaret - you are glowing in this picture. We hope you're doing well! All our love!!

    Parting comments from Isabel - "thanks for all the fun you did to me and thank you for picking up my baby sister. The end"

  6. Congratulations, Margaret!! What smiles -- from each of you! Enjoy the shopping trip -- I remember our first one in Chongqing together. Give Nora a big hug from Aunt Deb, Uncle Craig and cousin Mikayla. We'll be watching for more posts. I'll pray the rest of your travels are a lot smoother than your trip there. Oh, and those shoes are fabulous! Do they still have squeaky shoes???

  7. A note from Isabel "thank you for all the fun - Happy Birthday Mommy!" She and Ivy then sang you the happy birthday song in your honor while eating their spooky edible spiders which we made out of marshmallows, pretzel sticks and melted chocolate.

    They continue to be tired girls. Between school and playing hard together they are pooped! I told Isabel during dinner that you sent an email saying that you were really missing her. She replied with much emotion, "ME TOO!". She does miss you Margaret and is excited to see you!

    It was decent weather today so they got to play outside for a little while before dinner.

    All our love and happy birthday wishes!!

    Mel, Nanc, Ivy & Isabel