Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing Eleanor Bingliang

My littlest one is in YiYang Social Welfare Service Center, Hunan, China. Eleanor (Nora for short) is about six months old in this photo. Her birthday is Nov 3rd, so we'll be celebrating it together in Guangzhou China next month.

I received an update in August (that would make her about 10 months old) that said she now has 6 teeth and is standing alone for 8-10 seconds at a time. She can also pull herself up to standing by holding on to things. She's described as a very cuddling, social girl and is very attached to her nanny. Sounds like I need to be prepared for some heavy grieving during our time in China. She also sounds like she will fit into our family just fine with Isabel and the dogs.

I can't believe I leave in 18 days.

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  1. Enjoy your journey and all of its joys and lessons. You are in my thoughts and prayers.