Sunday, October 25, 2009

Changsha Day 1

Changsha Day 1 – Sunday October 25, 2009
Pre Arrival
I arrived in Changsha late last night. I missed my connecting flight in Beijing due to a couple of problems. First we were an hour and an half late arriving, then I mistakenly took the wrong checked bag (same model, same color, same color name tag) and it took about 30 minutes to return it and get my bag. Then I had to get me and all my luggage to the other terminal which was about 15 minutes away by bus and then go through the check-in lines again and by the time that all happened it was 10 minutes before the flight was going to take off and they won’t let me board.

They said I needed to go back to the main terminal (15 min bus ride again) with all my luggage (3 bags) and have Continental exchange my ticket since it was a delayed arrival issue. So I went back and Continental was closed and won’t be back till midday Sunday. I have to admit I started to cry at that point. I had been up for 28 hours at that point with couple of hours of napping but I was drained. The language barrier is tough sometime. It was nice that I was able to call Tu, the Chinese women that works with my agency, and have her just reassure me it would all be fine. She talked with an information desk person to figure out a plan and in the end I just paid for another flight to get out of Beijing a little later that night. I’m hoping that my travel agent is able to get me a reimbursement.

Changsha is pronounced Chung Sha. I was met at the airport by Mamie, my guide while I’m in Changsha. I think I’m going to see if Tu can arrange for some help getting Nora and I to our connecting flight in Beijing on the way home. I just cannot image having three bags and Nora and doing what I needed to do last night. I guess the only good thing is that it will be on the front end of the trip and not the back end.

The Dolton Hotel is very nice. I was up early this morning and went for a walk down to the market.

The neighborhood is very interesting and colorful. Here are a few photos I took on my way to find diapers.

The scooter must be all electric because they’re so quiet. It funny in the US the bicycles are on the street; in Changsha the motor scooters cross the streets with the walkers.

Today is a day to recover (I’m still feeling a bit woozy) and to get ready to meet Nora tomorrow morning (10 am my time // Monday 9pm Mpls time).

It’s around noon here and I have nothing to do. I haven’t had so much time on my hands for a very long time so I think I’m going to see about a pedicure and foot massage this afternoon. I’ll bring the camera just in case.

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  1. It is so exciting to follow you half way around the world and see glimpses of journey to get Nora. Just think of the mishaps as the conflict needed to keep the story interesting and Tu became the hero that saved the day! Nora will love it when she older. You probably need more time to see it that way too. I admire your strength Margaret.