Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Nora!!!

Guangzhou Day 4 – Tuesday Nov 3rd

Happy Birthday Nora!!!

Not only is it Nora’s 1st birthday but it was also the day of her appointment with the American Consulate. The funny thing about the Consulate Appointment is that she is not present for it. The guide takes all the documents and forms and submits them to consulate staff. I needed to be by the phone for about an hour this morning just in case there were any questions but nothing other than that. We just got the call and there were no questions so now we just go there tomorrow afternoon for her to give her oath (I hope they understand baby-babble) to become an American citizen.

One of Jodi and Keith’s twins still has the stomach bug and now Jodi is not feeling well. Since we don’t have any more sightseeing trips scheduled, I took it easy and just went for a walk to the Island after Nora got up from her nap. I’ve been feeling fine for the most part, but I just have had a little motion sickness since the flights over here. At first I thought it was being on the 30th floor in Changsha but it’s continued in Guangzhou and we’re only on the 9th floor.
Hopefully Jodi and Keith’s family will be feeling better tomorrow and we’ll have a little birthday celebration for Nora.

Here are a few more photos of Shamian Island. It’s totally different than any other part of China that I’ve seen.


  1. Happy Birthday to Nora! Nov. 3rd is also Ellie's birthday (she turned 6, can you believe it?) Looking at your pictures makes me want to return to China. I hope the rest of your trip goes well and we can't wait to meet Nora!

    ~Liz, Chris, Ellie & Stella

  2. I just got home from an evening shift at the hospital and it is after midnight. Now it is Thursday early morning to me and Thursday afternoon for you.... your last full day in China. I have thought of you so often during this time. The blog has been so wonderful to read. I feel like I understand the adoption process so much better now. I hope you sleep well tonight and that your flight goes with out a hitch! We will see you at the airport on Friday with lots of hugs and with a happy and sleepy Isabel in tow to greet you. Sending prayers your way for your safe (and stress-free) return. Happy Birthday, Nora!